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There is a $60.00. service change on all cancellations.

All Deposits made for bookings a year in advance are non-refundable.

Refunds will be given on reservations cancelled 61 or more days prior to arrival less the service fee and any non refundable deposits made. If you cancel within 60 days of your arrival date, you will forfeit 20% of your deposit plus the service charge and any non refundable deposits made. If you cancel within 30 days of your arrival date or if you fail to arrive, you will forfeit your 50% deposit plus the service fee and any non refundable deposit made. You may move your reservation to another qualifying time for $5.00 and not be charged a cancellation fee. By choosing to move your reservation you will not be entitled to any refund other than anything over the 50% deposit plus the service fee and any non-refundable refunds.

The guest assumes all risks and danger incidental to the activity of camping in a rustic outdoors environment while participating in recreational activities, such as hiking, swimming, bike riding, fishing, doing activities within the campground sponsored or not sponsored by the campground. Mini-golf or any sports within the campground or being injured as a result of inclement weather conditions or any other Natural issue, and agrees that the Campground and its owners, agents and employees are not liable for injuries of property or damages resulting from such causes.

For Campground Assistance After Hours: After hour numbers are posted at the front door of the office, gatehouse, in the CampersApp, bulletin boards throughout the campground and listed above.

Acres of Wildlife Campground is a family-oriented park. We want everyone to have fun, enjoy our facilities and have a relaxing stay. Please respect other campers and our park facilities. This will only be possible with your help. Please inform all members of your camping party of the policies of the Campground. Please abide by all posted regulation signage throughout the Campground.

Activities and available facilities may vary throughout the year. Prices and amenities are subject to change. All changes to activities or upcoming events are posted on the board and in the CampersApp.

Advanced Reservations are highly recommended, especially for summer, holiday and Halloween, Peak times, and Special Event periods. A credit card deposit or payment in full depending on type of stay you choose is required when making the reservation. Must be 21 years of age to make a reservation. A family member or guardian over the age of 21 must be present for any under the age of 21 to stay at the campground. (No one under the age of 21 can stay alone.)

All guests must check-in at the main office or gate house before heading or setting up on a campsite.

All visitors must check-in at the main office as they enter the park. See front office for visitor pricing. Failure to register a visitor will result in an added fee of $25.00 per person in addition to each visitor’s fee. If violation keep occurring the Camper / Guest will not be allowed to have visitors at all for the remainder of their staying or any future stays here at the campground.

Behavior: Acres of Wildlife Campground is a privately owned campground. People should have good sense and respect for others. If you do not, remember that we enforce our rules to protect our campers and our Park. Loud, rowdy, or other inappropriate behavior of any kind will result in your removal from the park without benefit of any refund. Management reserves the right to evict, at our discretion and without refund, any person whose conduct is objectionable or violates Park rules.

Lost & Found Located at our Laundry Room (RR1 by the garage) or in the main office. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen valuables here at the campground. Please take normal precautions to protect your valuables.

All vehicles must be registered at the main office and always display parking pass on the dashboard of their registered vehicle. It is Campground Policy / Maine law that all passenger must be secure in the vehicle, not on the vehicle. (Examples: No riding on the hood, roof or back of the car and must be fully in the back of the pickup truck and sitting on the floor not the tailgate, sides or any other item inside the bed of the truck.) There is no driving around the campground.You must have a valid driver’s license or learners permit with a licensed driver with you to operate a vehicle in the campground. Motorcycles are not allowed to drive around the campground they are only allowed to go from the gate to their site and then back out again and only between the hours of 8:00am and 10:30pm. All other forms of Vehicle’s are prohibited to be driven inside the campground examples: (four wheelers, dirt bikes, any ATV motor or electric, any electric motor device) if you are not sure please ask at the office.

Alcoholic Beverages are restricted to your campsite for use in moderation only and all State and Federal laws apply (no allowing or giving any kind of alcoholic beverage or drug to a miner is allowed even on your site).

Bicycles: When riding a bicycle at Acres of Wildlife Campground please obey all traffic rules and stop signs. Also, all bikes need to be back to your site before sunset. There is no bicycle riding permitted after dark regardless of age, this is for the safety of all our guests.Maine law states that all children must wear a helmet under the age of 16 when riding a bike. Electric Bikes must be registered at the front office before being used and the person operating the electric bike must be 16 years old or older and follow and the same rules as a vehicle here at the campground including the speed limit. There is an additional cost for all electric bikes.

Reservation Policy:

  • All nightly and weekly reservations require a deposit of half at time of booking to confirm the reservation. Unless opting for our flex stay then it will need to be paid in full at time of reservation. (See our Cancellation Policies for more details.)
  • Must be 21 years of age to make a reservation and a parent or guardian must be always present during their stay if anyone under the age of 21 is staying on their site.
  • Each site is rented to one family consisting of 2 adults and 4 Children (under the age of 18) (there is additional change for more adults up to a maximum of 4 per site. We do not charge more for those with a large family. They must be immediate family not friends and under the age of 18.)
  • All reservations are firm upon arrival and no refunds will be allowed for early departure no matter the situation that causes the departure. Please do not ask for a refund after check-in.
  • Until June 1st of each year and all reservation made a year in advance for the Summer Season must be made for at least one week Saturday to Saturday. On June1st we will start accepting shorter stays with a 2-night minimum other than Holidays and special event those could be a minimum of 3 to 4 nights depending on the holiday or event.

Cabin / Rentals: Are expected to be left in reasonable clean condition. Charges will be assessed for damages and extraordinary cleaning. There is no smoking of any kind (examples: cigarettes, E-sigs, chewing tobacco or any legal or non-legal drug) allowed in any of our rentals. No pets allowed in our rentals other than the ones specified. A $275.00 Fine will be charged for either violation. See Pets below for more detail. There are no tents allowed on rental site.

Campfires are part of the camping experience. However, put the fire out properly when not attended. All fires must be of reasonable size, so it does not endanger anyone or anything. Do not move fire rings.


Check-In/Check-Out Times:

  • RV/Tent Sites
    • Check-in Time: 1:30pm
    • Check-Out Time: 11:00am
  • Cabin Rentals
    • Check-in Time: 3:00pm
    • Check-Out Time: 11:00am
  • Early check-in may be available for $15.00. During Spring and Full season only; contact the resort office the morning of your arrival for availability. Late check-outs may be available for $15.00; (only during off season not available during the summer). Check with the resort office on your day of departure for availability. Any guests that have not shown up 24 hours after their check-in time and have not made prior arrangements with the resort staff, will be considered a no-show reservation, and forfeit their deposit.

Check-In For Cabins: During peak seasons or inclement weather conditions, all units may not be ready by 3:00pm, and your patience is appreciated. Our staff takes pride in making sure the units are clean & maintained prior to each Guest’s arrival, and therefore we do not allow Guests to enter units that are not yet cleared for Check-In. There will be no compensation for units not available at 3:00pm.

Drones & Hoverboards: Drones and hoverboards are not allowed in the park due to safety reasons.

Firewood should not be brought in from out of Maine. Pests and diseases harmful to our trees are frequently transported this way and have killed numerous trees in our park already. In compliance with state of Maine we do not allow out-of-state firewood in the park. If through oversight you brought some into the park, please do not take it off your truck/camper/vehicle. Please transport it back out of the park when you continue your journey. We offer firewood for sale at the Store at a reasonable price.There is no cutting of any trees here at the campground if caught you could be fined up to $500.00 and asked to leave. For more information, please visit https://www.dontmovefirewood.org/map/maine

Fishing: Fishing is allowed in Rainbow Lake & Chub Pub Pond; there is a 2 keep maximum per day. On Rainbow Lake you can only fish outside the buoys there is no fishing from the beach or in the swimming area. There are no restrictions in Chub Pond other than to 2 keep maximum rule. Just remember this is a dog swimming area so please be respectful of dogs swimming around while you are fishing. They have Priority. (There is no fishing License required while you are fishing here at the Campground.)

Golf Carts: We have a limited number of golf carts for rent. We recommend reserving at the time you make your reservation. You must be 21 years old and hold a valid driver’s license to reserve and drive our golf carts.

  • See office for Pricing and other terms and conditions.
  • Personal golf carts can be registered at front office.
    • All personal golf carts must be registered at the office each year and meet the following requirements:
      • It must be 10 years or newer.
      • Cannot have any major modification.
      • Must have working headlights and taillights.
      • There is additional fee for electric golf carts.
      • Show proof of Insurance (VIN number and year must be on the ID card)
      • Primary drive must be 21 years old to register with a valid driver’s license. All other drives listed must be at least 16 years old and hold a valid drivers license. (Permit is not allowed).
      • Each site is only allowed 1 personal Golf Cart.

Litter: Please help keep our Park beautiful. Please do not litter and please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. (Thank you for not smoking in or within 50 feet of and public building, Playground or Beach.)

No Operations of Unlicensed Motorized Vehicles: You must be a legal licensed driver to operate any motor vehicle.

No Pets in Rental Cabins or Beach area: Due to health regulations, pets are not permitted in any of our rental units except pets that are registered in our pet friendly cabins. If a pet is found in any of these areas, you will forfeit all rental fees, be charged a special cleaning fee, and will be asked to leave the Park. We have 2 different pet friendly cabins. Please make sure you choose an appropriate pet friendly cabin.

Pets staying in Campsites: All Pets must be registered at the main office. A maximum of 2 pets are allowed on your campsite they must be on a leash or invisible fence, are not allowed to leave the site and be under the owner’s control at all times. If you take your dog off your site, it must be on a leash and under your control. (Invisible leash is not allowed.) They must be kept in a camper, tent or RV at night and must never be left unattended. Unattended and/or noisy pets are grounds for immediate removal from the park without refund. Pets are not allowed in rental cabins (except tree house W11 & the Cabin in the Woods), Rainbow Beach, any camp resort buildings, or people playgrounds. Aggressive pets are not allowed and will not be tolerated. No pets perceived by others to be aggressive are permitted in the park due to requirement of our insurance. Dog walk areas are available and marked on the park perimeters. Please clean up and dispose of all pet waste — doggie bags are available at the store for sale.

Propane: We can refill proper propane tanks for a fee. Please come to the Store. Propane refills are only available from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

Proper Swim Attire at Beach or around the campground: Please remember we are a family campground and appropriate swimwear is required. No G-string or over-revealing swim suits are allowed. Under garments are not swimwear and not appropriate. Parents need to accompany 16-year-olds and under at all water facilities. Please help us with these safety issues. No lifeguards are on duty: swim at your own risk. There is no swimming after dark.

Quiet Hours: For the comfort of your neighbor, quiet time begins at 10:30pm. This means no radios, loud music, or disturbing noises. Quiet time is from 10:30pm to 8:00am (strictly enforced). All children are to be at your site/cabin during this time. All golf carts must be left at sites/cabins during this time.

Radios: Please keep the volume at a level so you can enjoy it, but your neighbors do not have to.

Recycling: We offer recycling of aluminum, glass and plastic at the Park. Recycling bins are located around the campground.

Safe, Slow Driving is a must for cars, bicycles, and golf carts. Children are at play throughout the entire Park. Please observe the 5MPH speed limit on all Park roads. This applies to the rental carts as well.

Safety Reasons: We do not allow fireworks, firearms, or weapons of any kind, ATV’s, go-carts, scooters, mini-bikes, electric kids toys, any power wheel like rides or electric skateboards.

Security Gates: When you check in you will receive one car tag that is required for entry into our park during normal business hours. If you are coming and going before or after hours, you will need a gate key to get through the gate. Extra vehicles will be required to register at the office to receive a car tag. Each site is only allowed 2 gate keys.

Site Restrictions: Camping rates are for 1 camping unit plus 2 vehicles; an additional tent or vehicle may be added for an additional fee. No bug zappers or halogen lights. You are only allowed 1 clothesline per site.

Smoking: is not allowed in any buildings or cabins, game room, swimming area / beach, playground and during any scheduled activities. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly.

Trash: should be disposed in the dumpsters throughout the campground. Please do NOT put it on the ground next to the dumpster or leave it on your site, as we have critters that just love to get into trash and make a mess. Dumpsters are for Trash Only large items need to be discussed with the office before check-out.

Wastewater: Please dispose of grey and black water into covered containers ONLY. Regulations prohibit wastewater and sewage from being emptied onto the ground. Violation of this will result in a fine and you will be asked to leave the campground without a refund. No washing of cars, or RV’s on site you must wait till you leave the campground. No washing of dishes, clothes, or pets in the restrooms. Please do not use soap in any of our water areas (Rainbow Lake or Chub Pond).

Your Guests: Registered campers are allowed to have daily campground guests. They must register at the front desk before going to the site. Campers with gate keys are not allowed to let their guest in. The gate key is only for you to come and go after hours. If caught letting a visitor in will result in fines and the loss of your gate key with no refund. All day guests must be checked in before 7:00pm and must leave by 10:00pm, half hour before quiet time. If they are found in the campground after quiet time they will be asked to leave, and a visitor overnight fee will be added to your account. Any guest trying to visit after 7:00pm will be charged an overnight fee even if they leave a 10:00pm. Failure to register a visitor will result in an added fee of $25.00 per person in addition to each visitor’s fee. If violations continue to occur the Camper / Guest will not be allowed to have visitors at all for the remainder of their staying or any future stays here at the campground. All visitors must follow all the same rules and regulations as you. Failure to do so may result in you and the whole party being asked to leave the campground with no refund.

Gentle Reminder: Remember this is the woods. We are not responsible for any damage done to you or your belongings while you are staying here at the campground due to weather, any acts of nature, theft or vandalism. For the safety and enjoyment of all our guests and staff, we are providing these standards and everyone’s compliance is expected and required. This is a privately owned campground. We reserve the right to select our clientele and guests. Minors under the age of 21 years old are not allowed to camp without a parent or guardian present at all times.