Acres of Wildlife is in the midst of 300 privately owned acres of land, and surrounded by 3,000 acres of state owned pine.

We offer various family activities for those who love the outdoors and are ready for whatever nature has to offer. Take a canoe out on our beautiful Rainbow Lake, pitch a tent on our secluded sites, or enjoy your day with one of the many family activites we have to offer!

Any way you go, you can’t go wrong if you decide to spend your time at Acres of Wildlife.

Back in 1980, Manny and Maria Baptista bought a small and rustic campground off of “Old Man Adams” and with a lot of patience and passion, they created Acres of Wildlife into the Ultimate Family Campground. Before it was a campground, Acres of Wildlife used to be a Turkey Farm. Raising and creating the most delicious turkey pies this side of the Atlantic. Even today you can venture into our Chub Pub Restaurant and still experience the nostalgic smell and taste of these delicious pies. If you’re indulging in a pie or enjoying our various entertainment, take a look at our multiple collages (and even our “Best Turkey” award) in the Chub Pub, depicting the decades of history that has lead to become Acres of Wildlife!

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