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The Stay

Product Description:
6 Cookies (Your Choice)
6 Muffins (Your Choice)
2 Whoopee Pies or Brownies
2 Cream Horns
1 Loaf of Bread
1 Pie Your Choice (excludes Turkey pie)

1st Cookie Choice

2nd Cookie Choice

3rd Cookie Choice

4th Cookie Choice

5th Cookie Choice

6th Cookie Choice

1st Muffin Choice

2nd Muffin Choice

3rd Muffin Choice

4th Muffin Choice

5th Muffin Choice

6th Muffin Choice

Would you like 2 Whoopee Pies or Brownies?

If Chosen, 1st Choice of Whoopee Pie

If Chosen, 2nd Choice of Whoopee Pie

Your Choice of Pie

Bread Loaf Choice


Delivery Methods:
Store Pickup

How many would you like?

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