2023 EVENTS!


All Spring Season Only: Hate that 11 AM Check-out on Sundays?
For only $10 you can upgrade to a 5 PM Check-out on Sundays (if the site is available).

Please Note: On Memorial Day Weekend – offer is for Monday, not Sunday.



CLEAN UP WEEKEND – FREE CAMPING:  All work? No WAY! We ask you to help only a few hours on Saturday to clean up the grounds for the season. (Please BYO rake) Start Saturday morning off with FREE hot coffee and BLUEBERRY MUFFIN, and later in the afternoon enjoy your FREE slice of homemade pizza and beverage. Saturday night, there’s a bonfire. $25 No Show, No Refund deposit is required. Your $25 will be refunded to you upon Check-in on Friday. “MARIA’S” will be open Friday evening for Pizza; Saturday afternoon for Pizza; Sunday for Breakfast.  LIMITED CAMPSITES! MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS EARLY: (207) 675-CAMP (2267)

MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND:  FREE MUFFIN and coffee for ALL MOTHERS! We’ll also have our Fresh Baked chocolate chip muffins, brownies, whoopie pies and more.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND:  We’ll have a FULL schedule of activities this weekend! Karaoke, Tye-Dye T-shirts ($), FREE Firetruck Rides, Candy Bar Paloozi, Bonfire, Entertainment in Chub Pub, Family Dance, more! Lots of yummy Fresh Baked foods and treats all weekend!

Hate that 11:00am Check-out on Sundays? For only $10 you can upgrade to a 5:00pm Check-out on Sundays (if the site is available). Please note: Memorial Day Weekend - offer is for Monday, not Sunday!

THANK YOU WEEKEND (2 FOR 1:  A special “Thank You” weekend for all our campers who have recommended us to their friends and family! Just bring anotehr family with yours for the weekend and each family camps for 2 nights but only pays for one night each. Advanced Reservations required for this Special Discount. We’ll have Tye-Dye T-Shirts ($), Turkey Hill Mining ($), Candy Bar Palooza ($), and more!

*** DON'T FORGET ***
Our Spring Special: Reserve for 3 or more consecutive weekends and store your trailer FREE onsite between weekend stays. (Also available in the FALL.) Stop in at the office for more info or call (207) 675-CAMP.


Every week during our awesome Summer Camping Season we will have:

We’re all about having FUN with you and your Family during your stay! Come join the fun! Throughout the week we’ll have a Bubblegum Blowing Contest, a Hula Hoop Contest, Washer Toss, Kayak Races, Family Fun Night w/Karaoke, Kickball, FREE Firetruck Rides, Wet Hayride, Frozen Slingshot, Family Games, Family Magic Show featuring Mr. Magic, Bike Rodeo with Drag Race. Live Entertainment at Chub Pub, Bonfire, Tye-Dye T-Shirts ($), Candy Bar Palooza ($), Mr. Drew and his Animals Too! Bingo, Wild Card Bingo, Team Mini-Golf ($), Sparks Ark Family Wild Animal Educational Show!, Bocce Ball and Cribbage Tournaments, Family Dance and so much more!

Information on the Entertainment in 2023

Mr. Magic Show: Dennis Labbe is a magician that performs classical and comical magic that is guaranteed to entertain. He started practicing magic at the young age of 7. Now Dennis has been performing the magic arts professionally for the past 20 years.  http://www.mrmagicshows.com/

Mr. Drew & His Animals Too: Drew has been interested in animals from a very young age. As a boy, he spent much of his free time in the local woods or by the waters edge. Over 40 years ago, he started keeping aquarium fish, this opened a new world for him …SCIENCE! From that first aquarium, he learned and studied; geology, geography, biology, botany, chemistry, entomology, ichthyology and the list goes on. He is involved with the Boy Scouts of America, earning his Eagle Scout at the age of 16. Drew has worked in the pet industry for over 30 years. During that time, he owned and operated a pet store and an aquarium maintenance service. Drew is also a rehabilitator and outreach program for injured, neglected and unwanted exotic animals to either find them good homes or use them in his shows for educational purposes. He has written informational articles for magazines and has had a small segment on CNN on “Keeping reptiles healthy and warm in the winter”. Drew has remained in the educational circuit as an Educational Technician, merit badge counselor and a guide for Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary and Mt. Apatite Geological Park. Drew delights all ages with his unique style, energy, knowledge and love for learning. http://www.mrdrewandhisanimalstoo.com/

Sparks Ark: Sparks Ark is a family Animal show that shows us about Maine Wildlife in Southern Maine. They have a private reserve where animals are rehabilitated. It’s family business of animal control and relocation for over 30 years. http://www.sparksark.com/

RADIO CONTROL / REUNION WEEKEND: We’ll be full of surprises! You show us what you can do! This is the time for you to strut your stuff! We can’t wait! Bring Boats, Planes, any R/C welcome! We’ll also have FREE Firetruck Rides, and more! Check out our “Dirt Course” or cars/trucks/bikes, the Beach for boats and Moody Field for planes. And don’t forget: We’ll have plenty of Delicious Food Specials! Surprise your kids or that special someone with a fun weekend at Acres of Wildlife. Don’t tell them ahead of time you’re camping! Early Setup Thursday (FREE) so you can come here straight from picking up your kids or that special someone on Friday and surprise them. (Please call ahead for arrangements.)

SHOW OFF YOUR DOG WEEKEND:  Your dog is priority this weekend! No pet fee this weekend! We’ll have our Annual Acres’ Dog Parade. Then, show off ANY Talent your dog may have at the “Pet Tricks/Talent Show”! Dress up your dogs with their favorite outfits for the Runway Walk. We’ll have basketball / volleyball games, a Family Dance with a DJ. Also have fun with Tye-Dye T-shirts ($), FREE Firetruck Rides and more!

FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND: Cheers to Dad: Firetruck Rides, Tye-Dye T-Shirts ($) and Karaoke. We’ll have a Family Dance with a DJ. Loaded with more Family Activities than we can list!



Starting Fall Season: Hate that 11:00am Check-Out on Sunday? For only $10, you can upgrade to a 5:00pm Check-Out on Sundays (fi the site is available).

Please Note: Labor Day Weekend, offer is for Monday, not Sunday!

LABOR DAY WEEKEND: Your family will enjoy the last bit of Summer with us during this long holiday weekend. We’ll have a Family Dance with a DJ. We’ll also have FREE Firetruck Rides, a Pool / Ping-Pong / Bocce Ball Tournaments, Bonfire, Tye-Dye T-Shirts ($). Family Fun Night with Karaoke and more!

ADULTS ONLY WEEKEND: Thank you for not bringing the kids this weekend. Come spend a much needed weekend away from them! We will have lots of fun activities JUST FOR ADULTS! YES! Dancing, Live Band! and so much more!

AFTER ADULTS ONLY: Enjoy our FALL CAMPER SAVINGS and our delicious homebaked goods while viewing the spectacular fall foliage and enjoying the peace and quiet of Maine woods at ACRES OF WILDLIFE, the way camping should be!

HILLBILLY WEEKEND: Time for us to let loose! Corn Hole, Golf Cart Rodeo and more. Awesome Baked Goods and Performing on Saturday we will have a LIVE BAND! We’ll also have ACRES favorites! FREE Firetruck Rides, Tye-Dye T-Shirts ($), Turkey Hill Mining ($). Beginning of leaf-peeping – a beautiful time to see Maine at its most colorful!

HALLOWEEN WEEKENDS – WEEKEND 1 & WEEKEND 2: Come join us for our Fun Filled Spook Weekends. We’ll have Children’s Costume FREE Firetruck Rides, Trick or Treating throughout the Campground, a Costume Dance for the kids! (Be a part of the fun as a Volunteer Spook.) Treat your family to our Lip-Smackin’ Fresh Baked Pizza ($). We’ll even have Tie-Dye T-Shirts ($). Join the frolic! Bring your spooks and decorate your site! Which site will give out the most candy this year?

Cumberland Fair: Late September
Fryeburg Fair: Beginning of October

COLUMBUS DAY / MEDIUMS WEEKEND: We’ll be hosting mediums, a class on numerology, a class on paranormal investigation, a class on psychic development and more. It’s traditionally a fun-filled time to relax and just enjoy the beautiful fall foliage and apple picking in the area. We’ll have Tye-Dye T-Shirts ($), Turkey Hill Mining Special ($), Bocce Ball, Bonfire, FREE Firetruck Rides and a Family Dance with a DJ! No need to bring food, we’ll have plenty of yummy, appetizing, SPECIALS!

ATV WEEKEND: Thought the camping season was over? Not just yet .. We’ll be open this last weekend to welcome all the families with Spring Season Rates. This is the time of year we welcome ATV’s or dirt bikes in the campground. Fun for the whole family! Ad join us Saturday for a Day Long Trail Ride on trails outside the park! Our last hurrah until Spring!