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August 1st is our 40th birthday! Help us celebrate throughout the week. You will enjoy activities such as:
FREE Firetruck Rides, Wet Hayride, Family Magic Show featuring Mr. Magic. Beach Games, Sparks Ark Family Wild Animal Educational Show! Team Mini-Golf ($), Pie-Eating Contest ($), Frozen Slingshot, Make-Your Own
Sundae ($), Arts & Crafts ($), Kayak Races, Bonfire, Frozen Slingshot, and Much More! Also enjoy FREE Birthday Cake at our Birthday Party. Join us for a Maine Lobster Feed with Fresh Clam Chowder, Fresh Baked Bread, and Dessert ($). We'll have a Family Fun Night with Karaoke, Live Entertainment at Chub Pub, and a Family Dance.

group of young kids on a fire truck having a large water gun fight
group of young girls showcasing their tie dye t-shirts


"Like, Wow, Man! Let's go back in time. Far Out, Man!" Our activities include 60's Trivia Game, Psychedelic
Tye-Dye T-Shirts ($), Duo-Kayak Races, Bocce Ball, FREE Firetruck Rides, Wet Hayride, Adult/Teen Painting Class ($), Family Magic Show featuring Mr. Magic, Arts & Crafts ($), Beach Games, Sparks Ark Family Wild Animal Educational Show! Team Mini-Golf ($) and Pool Tournament, Kool-Aid Chugs, Make-Your-Own-Sundae ($), Family Fun Night w/Karaoke, Ping Pong Tournament, Family Dance with a DJ, Live Entertainment at Chub Pub, and a Bonfire. On top of all this, join us for a Maine Lobster Feed with Fresh Clam Chowder, Fresh Baked Bread and Dessert ($). WOW!


We'll be seeing 'blue' this week! Blueberry Picking, Special Blueberry Pancakes, Blueberry Muffins served every morning, Blueberry Pie-Eating Contest with FULL size pies ($)! Sparks Ark Family Wild Animal Educational Show! There'll be a Bonfire, Family Magic Show featuring Mr. Magic, FREE Firetruck Rides, Wet Hayride, Bike Rodeo with Drag Race, Beach Games, Bocce Ball, Corn Hole. Join us for a Maine Lobster Feed with Fresh Clam Chowder, Fresh Baked Bread and Dessert ($). We'll have Tournaments for everyone:
Cribbage, Ping Pong, Team Mini-Golf ($). There'll also be a Family Fun Night with Karaoke, as well as a Bubble Gum Blowing Contest, Make-Your-Own-Sundae ($), Live Entertainment at Chub Pub, and much, much more!!

group of kids sitting together at a table participating in a pie eating contest
young kids playing in the sand


The whole week will be filled with your Acres Favorites like FREE Firetruck Rides, Wet Hayride, Magic Show featuring Mr. Magic, Beach Games, Brain Freeze ($), Team Mini Golf ($), Ping Pong Tournament, Fairy Walk,
Family Fun Night w/Karaoke, Live Entertainment at Chub Pub, We'll have Tye-Dye TShirts ($), Adult/Teen Painting Class ($), Bocce Ball, a Family Dance with a DJ, and Sparks Ark Family Wild Animal Educational Show! We'll have, Rock Sculpting, Build-a-Pirate Ship, and more! Come and see some of the amazing things we can do with things found in the woods! Come join the fun with our Circus Camp where you can learn how to juggle, walk on stilts, and more!Join us for a Maine Lobster Feed which includes Fresh Clam Chowder, Fresh
Baked Bread and Dessert ($). 

***DON'T FORGET*** Fall Treat: Fall is a beautiful time in Maine. What a good way to enjoy it! Stay for a
week starting Art of Nature Week, and the 8th night is on us! (Prime nights are not discounted.)


Who doesn't feel the need to "Rock Out" every once in awhile? Start growing out your hair for this weekend! Why not come dressed up as your favorite heavy metal star? 50% discount this weekend for Fire, Rescue, and Police Families. (ID required at check-in.) Sign up in advance. We'll have Karaoke, Bonfire, Make-Your-Own Sundaes ($), LIVE Band, Tye-Dye T-Shirts ($), FREE Movies for the whole family, FREE Firetruck Rides, and more!

Take advantage of our Fall Special. Reserve 3 or more consecutive weekends and store your trailer FREE on site between weekend stays. Stop in the office for more info or call (207) 675-CAMP.

live band playing together for an audience

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